Endgame started as an idea after

discovering that communication

skills are at the basis of human

connection. Learn more

about us here.

Meet the organizer

Endgame is a production organized by Q. A company founded and owned by Quoc An Nguyen, a Dutch entrepreneur whose mission is to empower others

to live a great story. 

An's quick rise to fame in the speaker-industry is contributed to his unrelenting fascination with communication skills. After years of research, practice, and experience, he has decided to pass his knowledge to others who want to be on

a stage to share a message. 

He can inspire others to take massive imperfect action with his experience and conviction that nothing is impossible. Collaborating with professionals such as psychologists, coaches, and filmmakers have given him a unique skillset to pass onto others to tell their stories in life. 

An is a breath of fresh air with his rebellious vision and unique message based

on results and experience. He makes the intangible tangible and simplifies the complex.